About Us

There are over 11 Million financially excluded or unbanked in South Africa due to uneasy financial systems or banking accessibility. eMalyami is a system built to automate transaction process. It uses instruments such as Kadaslip and Cryptokwena (eKwena) as a currency. It is, mainly, targeted at peri-urban and rural societies who do not have access to financial facilities that help save their money and avoid costs. eMalyami channels through an application which means making it applicable on any Smartphone.

eMalyami is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our users, Paymates and the country that we serve. This, by contributing to the mobile banking system to create economic empowerment and financial inclusivity; as desired by Sustainable Development Goals. This while eliminating cost externalities and ensuring safety. We guarantee provision of service with integrity and fairness at all times, to earn the loyalty of our clients, staff and the community.

Services of eMalyami

Virtual Wallet (VW)

Receive and send money to each other from your phone.

  • You can receive or send a maximum amount of R 3000.00 a day.
  • However, this can be adjusted upon request to be a maximum of R 5000.00.
  • Purchase and pay for services through our platforms.

    Pay for services such as DSTV, Municipal Accounts,
    Netflix and Insurance premiums.

    Purchase services such as airtime, water and electricity
    and movie tickets.

    Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

    Apply for a VCC to get on your smartphones.

    Pay and buy with a tap or via QR code scan.

    Monthly repayment of the VCC through funds of virtual wallet, kadaslip, CryptoKwena or external debit orders.

    Available VCC

  • Junior VCC (under parent’s discretion)
  • Cooperative VCC
  • Virtual Petrol Cards
  • Small Business VCCs
  • Cooperates VCCs
  • Siba System

    Siba (Sibambisyano) a cooperative money collection system made in an agreed fixed period. Aimed to assist individuals and businesses financially. The system allows you to form a group of minimum 3 people. An agreed amount is collected per month and dispatched to one member of the group each month until term is completed.

    Individual and Small Business Loans

    Apply for personal or small business loan account with a limit of R 5000.00

    When application is made via our platform, you will receive the approval via the application.


    1. 1CryptoKwena (Crypto Coins)
    2. Transact using our cryptocurrency called CryptoKwena (eKwena).
    3. Purchase the coins from our Paymates.
    4. Use this to buy or pay for accredited services that are available on eMalyami.
    5. 2Kadaslip
    6. Recharge your VW, VCC or pay for services by purchasing a voucher and installing voucher pin into eMalyami.
    7. 3Fees and Prices
    8. We invest your savings in financial low-risk instruments that Meristem Trustees, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), holds on behalf of our customers.
    9. Contact for more information on fees and prices we offer.