Anyone with a valid South African cellphone number may receive funds using the eMalyami service.

You will receive an SMS as the result of a successful transaction by the sender. This SMS confirms the send transaction and contains information on how to activate the eMalyami. You must activate the eMalyami before being able to use the funds.

To activate eMalyami, you will be sent an SMS OTP that you have to register within a minute of receiving the SMS. Otherwise, you will be expected to re-register into eMalyami.

It is safe as long as you keep your PIN and cell-phone number safe. For activation, you will receive a designated SMS OTP.

In case you changed your number, it is always best to instantly visit your Paymate and request a change of number. Provide your ID and proof of residence when you request change. OR, log into eMalyami and change your number through your settings. Your funds are safe until you complete the process

Once again, visit your nearest Paymate with your ID and request to halt your account until you receive a new phone Or simply call our customer service to assist you with keeping your funds safe.

South African ID/ Passport Proof of residential Other requirements will be needed if you require a virtual credit card – contact us if you want to apply for a VCC.

You can get cash by withdrawing the funds at approved Paymates, selected ATM with automated deposits and at participating Retailers.

Yes, your eMalyami service can be suspended, if the service is used fraudulently, illegally or outside the specification of these guidelines. if the cell-phone provider terminates the cell-phone number from its network or if the eMalyami service is compromised in any way. If it is required to do so by law. If it is necessary to protect eMalyami, its customers or its systems or any recipient.

It originates from the practice whereby money was collected from house to house by an individual who kept it and returned to its owners after 30 days with no interest changing hands. Our platform will enable a group of at least 3 to collect money, whereby the management of the scheme will be taken over by this system. eMalyami will collect fees on administration of such system. The system will enable the members to check who has defaulted on the payments. They will be able to chat with each other about their finances. Members of the group can either chose to save for a fixed period e.g. 6, 12 months etc. or they can create a cycle payment whereby every month they can pay each member a specific amount. Contribution into Siba system can be made through paymates, Electronic Transfer, eKwena voucher or Coins.

Have been using an eMalyami for a period of 30 days Conducting an eMalyami account in an excellent manner Each member of the group should be willing to guarantee each other in case of any defaults.